"Principe di Puglia" is located in Stornara, Puglia, and was founded by agricultural producers with the aim of developing an organic farming system.

Today, it is one of the most important producers of vegetables and organic fruits in the region of Puglia, with top quality products. The correct application of the organic farming method, in fact, through a system controlling the entire agricultural cycle, guarantees the quality and genuineness of its products.

Moreover, applying the organic farming method correctly enhances the characteristics of the soil to promote the proper intake of organic and natural nutrients and maintain and increase the fertility and biological activity of the soil itself.

"Principe di Puglia" supplies both the frozen food industry and specialized markets, namely wholesalers, distributing about 10% of its products on the Italian market and the remaining 90% on foreign markets, especially European markets.


Our fruit and vegetables come from our certified organic farm, which ensures a healthier and more balanced diet and protection of natural resources of the earth.